Authenticated [verb]

Definition of Authenticated:

establish as real, genuine

Synonyms of Authenticated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Authenticated:

Sentence/Example of Authenticated:

The French means—'Calendars are illumined, and other books are confirmed (or authenticated), when thy name illumines them.'

It is the prophecy, as authenticated by one or other, or both of these things, that gives encouragement to perform the service.

History affords no authenticated example of greater or more persevering courage in a woman.

Properly authenticated, it has the force of an important argument.

What else can be said, in view of such well authenticated statements as the following?

The payment of strike benefits dates from the first authenticated strike, namely in 1786.

If the record be a well-authenticated one of what the mouth of God spoke, it is then adopted as the code of religious truth.

They misunderstand the very terminology, and imagine that facts long ago well authenticated are impossible.

Here is a fifth instance, authenticated by me several times, and always with the same care.

In this class of things, cheatings and hoaxings are as numerous as authenticated facts.