Authenticating [verb]

Definition of Authenticating:

establish as real, genuine

Synonyms of Authenticating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Authenticating:

Sentence/Example of Authenticating:

Not even miracles can authenticate a religion which preaches monasticism and celibacy.

Genius has availed only to authenticate itself as the normal activity of man, not yet to do the work of the world.

It was nothing unusual abroad to give cases, and to authenticate them with the names of the sufferers.

Macknight really did authenticate for himself the efficacy of impression with almost incredible feats of visual bravery.

When you receive a letter, you authenticate the period of receiving it, but not the date of a letter received by another.

Certainly it is not regular to authenticate the date of a letter, to which you are not privy; that is all my observation upon it.

The consul may also authenticate the bill of sale of a foreign vessel to the subject of the state which accredits him.

Many anecdotes equally extraordinary are to be found in this work; it would be very desirable to authenticate them.

At that distance of time this rumour, so notorious at the British Museum, it was impossible to authenticate.

That I might authenticate the fact, I walked quickly and passed Fossard, and then returning, saw clearly that the agent was right.