Authentications [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Authentications:

Several reports by fishermen were traced by the writer, but authentication was not achieved.

He has contributed articles on art authentication to a number of journals.

Other agents went with money and waggon-loads of flour, which were their own authentication.

On no occasion did He admit that such authentication of Himself was a sufficient cause for a miracle.

What do they call it now—authentication charts, which is also a secret.

Authorization chart is, if we receive an order over the phone, over the headsets—authentication.

Are authentication codes changed from time to time as a matter of course?

Others advocate keeping the authentication separate with only a numbered reference on the egg itself.

The authentication of the eggs is the most important duty of an egg-collector, next to identifying the specimens.

This authentication entitles the vessel to the protection of the consul's state.