Authoritative [adjective]

Definition of Authoritative:

recognized as true, valid

Synonyms of Authoritative:

Opposite/Antonyms of Authoritative:

Sentence/Example of Authoritative:

Each one of them is called by His authoritative command, as well as by the effectual influences of his Spirit.

Organised and authoritative religion the world over makes for ignorance, for poverty and superstition.

A standard and authoritative work enriched by copious illustrations.

It is the fullest and most authoritative of all the treatises on the subject and has a few illustrations.

He said something to the two men—a few sharp words in an authoritative tone—and they retired.

The officer who presided, in an authoritative voice, began; 'Speak the truth in answer to the questions I shall ask.

I can no longer encourage others in the support of tribunals, or in the exercise of authoritative administration.

Again it rang loud and authoritative––as though one came by right of law or in vindictive anger.

The General forgot him self and joined in in his usual positive, authoritative way.

Theology is no longer recognized as authoritative even by theologians!