Authoritatively [adverb]

Definition of Authoritatively:

with official approval

Synonyms of Authoritatively:

Opposite/Antonyms of Authoritatively:

Sentence/Example of Authoritatively:

At the same time, Facebook labeled several posts containing misinformation with a relatively generic message that suggests the vote counting was ongoing and providing a link to more authoritative information.

This account will offer the most authoritative information about who wins the election and about important down-ballot races across the country.

Facebook is placing its own hopes in labels as well, including a preemptive notification in news feeds to follow authoritative news outlets like Reuters and the Associated Press for election results.

This is because Google wants the authoritative product information that manufacturers are able to provide.

If DeepCT is used, it really will be about providing a rich depth of compelling and authoritative content with focus and structure in sections on a page.

There are tens of thousands — perhaps hundreds of thousands — of existing public datasets that anyone can leverage for telling new and impactful data-focused stories that can easily garner massive press and high levels of authoritative links.

Facebook said that after polls close, it plans to run a notification at the top of Facebook and Instagram directing users to its voter notification center, a tab with authoritative information about the vote-counting process.

With hundreds of episodes and new series offering exclusive access to kitchens around the world, rich cultures, immersive experiences, and authoritative experts, Eater’s got you covered.

Google says the data comes from “multiple authoritative sources,” including Johns Hopkins, the World Health Organization, health agencies, hospitals, the New York Times, and Wikipedia.

Google isn’t trying to just determine if a page per se is authoritative but if the site can be relied on when it comes to a given topic.