Authorities [noun]

Definition of Authorities:

power, control

Synonyms of Authorities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Authorities:

Sentence/Example of Authorities:

This mania for correction shows itself too in relation to the authorities themselves.

The seed of discontent was again germinating under the duplicity of the Spanish lay and clerical authorities.

The exertions of the city authorities, who had notice of the meditated riot, were unable to prevent or quell it.

After his death crowds flocked to his grave to touch his holy monument, till the authorities caused the church yard to be shut.

The remaining figures, being taken from census returns and other reliable authorities, are more satisfactory.

Two years later this promising recruit, having fallen foul of the military authorities, had to leave the service under a cloud.

He was so zealous a partisan of democracy, and of Cromwell, that the authorities frequently placed him in a straight jacket.

These are few and verbal, but momentous, and were not made without consultation of many critical authorities and versions.

At any rate his stirring advice and the dispatches he brought roused the military authorities at Meerut into activity.

Babylas will give you a letter to the authorities, charging them to find you suitable quarters.