Authors [noun]

Definition of Authors:

composer of written work

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Sentence/Example of Authors:

I also interviewed the author for the Commonwealth Club of Northern California.

Disappointingly, the authors offer few peeks at their personal backgrounds and how they ended up doing what they do.

He’s an author of a May 2020 paper about these mysterious and poorly known plants.

The Chicago Sky feature the finest point guard of this generation, and possibly any generation, in Courtney Vandersloot, author of the three highest single-season assist percentages in WNBA history.

Structured data can be used to tag authors, ratings, product features, locations, and so much more.

You may remember a couple months ago we tried a new kind of episode — a Freakonomics Radio Book Club — where we interviewed an author and had her read excerpts from her book.

As it turns out, the authors of this paper were the ones advising the Finnish national team on its altitude camps, and they can’t resist pointing out that this is exactly what they originally told the national-team coaches to expect.

It may, the authors propose, also result in greater immunity and fewer severe cases of the disease.

The sky over Ocean Beach, San Francisco, captured by the author on September 9, 2020.

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