Authorship [noun]

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It was literary in so far that the majority of its members lay down at night with unrealised dreams of authorship.

Were any further confirmation needed for Massingers authorship, the metrical tests would supply it, with their 36 per cent.

These opportunities in my case were to be the authorship of an epoch-making novel, or a great drama, or some similar masterpiece.

When the volumes 175 arrived in Ireland, there was no room for doubt as to the authorship of “Jane Eyre.”

Secrets have a bad time of it in our day, and the authorship of the article is no longer a secret.

Then you will never do for authorship; at least for this kind.

"It was long ago," said Stover, thrilling with the delight of authorship.

But the question is still raised as to the Mosiac authorship of the Pentateuch.

He does not mean to forsake his faith in the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch, for he writes in chapter vi.

It occurred to him that the Law differs from the Gospel in another respect, in respect to authorship.