Autocratic [adjective]

Definition of Autocratic:

holding power exclusively

Synonyms of Autocratic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Autocratic:

Sentence/Example of Autocratic:

They feed on ineffective government — and their great appeal is that they claim to replace it with a government that is effective through their own autocratic power.

Each of these countries has different political systems, so obviously autocratic systems could in a positive way or a negative way do good or do bad.

The deal is also under pressure from a changing regulatory environment in China, with the country’s autocratic leadership changing its export rules to possibly include elements of TikTok that could limit a transaction, and perhaps scuttle its sale.

Steinbrenner was the autocratic owner of the New York Yankees.

Even before the covid-19 crisis, the world was in the midst of an autocratic resurgence.

If we turn again in a new direction, it will at any rate not be in the direction of a return to autocratic mediævalism.

Beside autocratic kingship it shines with a white light; it is obviously the portal of the future.

That he was an autocratic chairman, his brother directors, were they now living, would I am sure attest.

The autocratic emperors of Rome went so far as to claim in some cases to be gods themselves.

He substitutes the constitutional system for the autocratic system, a responsible ministry for an absolute conjugal monarchy.