Autocrats [noun]

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The whole drama, the body language, the flags and the onslaught, was borrowed from other dramas — genuine displays of revolutionary fervor against autocrats, authentic acts protesting illegitimate governments.

It was the case with the agricultural communities of the southern United States, whose Mico was at once high priest and autocrat.

Humble as Lecamus seemed to the outer world, he was despotic in his own home; there he was an autocrat.

She has always had the germ of the ruler and autocrat in her soul.

The Irish Minister for Agriculture by no means rules as an autocrat.

It was curious how he was growing to be a kind of autocrat in the village; and how unconscious he was of it.

An action for ingratitude would not bind a judge, but would place him in the position of an autocrat.

She had borne in society the reputation of an almost ultra-exclusiveness; in her home life she had been something of an autocrat.

It may be a bell, or a gong, or a verbal call, but it is as imperative as the command of an autocrat.

He was never an autocrat in the sense that Henry Venn was; but his work for the Society in the country was enormous.