Autogenous [adjective]

Definition of Autogenous:

inside, central

Synonyms of Autogenous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Autogenous:

Sentence/Example of Autogenous:

The final proof was the cure of the patient by an autogenous vaccine made of the offending microbe.

The tubing and castings are joined together by hard soldering, brazing or autogenous welding.

One author dwelt on the superiority of autogenous vaccines but admits that occasionally stock vaccines are indicated.

The indications are that he generally used a mixed autogenous vaccine, but the reports of cases are not always clear.

The fifth reference specifically states that the vaccine must be autogenous.

In brief, we may say that each part is in chief measure autogenous.

The soldering is autogenous (as in the lead chambers at vitriol works).

Autogenous is defined as "self produced," or independent of outside materials.

Dissolved acetylene is also very useful for acetylene welding or autogenous soldering.

This apparatus is supplied on a trolley for use in autogenous soldering or welding.