Autogiro [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Autogiro:

The second was a telegram from the Pitcairn Autogiro Company.

"I am going to buy an autogiro," she announced, with decision.

In silence they buried the treasure and returned to the autogiro.

Or rather, the top of the autogiro, for it was not wholly visible.

In the dawning light he saw the autogiro, lying half on its side.

And an autogiro ought to be especially adapted for this kind of thing.

Finding nothing, the mechanic began to examine the autogiro.

So she meekly inspected the autogiro and climbed into the cock-pit.

The man half cuffed her upright and then hurried her toward the autogiro.

Suddenly one of them shot toward the autogiro and the rest followed.