Autographs [noun]

Definition of Autographs:

handwritten signature

Synonyms of Autographs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Autographs:


Sentence/Example of Autographs:

When Hans Nilsen left, he presented her with his greatest treasure, an autograph letter from Hauge to his mother.

If you write to ask for an autograph, always inclose a postage stamp for the answer.

I am about to fall asleep when one of the passengers asks if I would mind signing my autograph for him.

Next morning there were more autograph books and several wireless messages from intimate friends wishing me bon voyage.

And in spite of everything, there is a mob at the station to see us off and autograph books are thrown at me from all sides.

"You have a special autograph book for them," explained Enid.

The first service he could render him was to forward to him autograph letters from the hands of two men deceased.

His motive, of course, was to shut the lawyer's mouth concerning the autograph letters he had furnished.

"Both names on the assignment, then, are exact fac-similes of the names on the autograph letters," said Mr. Balfour.

Have you examined the assignment and the autograph letters which have been in your hands during the recess of the Court?