Automatic [adjective]

Definition of Automatic:

done or made by machine

Synonyms of Automatic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Automatic:

Sentence/Example of Automatic:

A Google representative told HKFP that the blurring was due to an algorithm error in its automatic blurring technology typically used to obscure faces and vehicle license plates, but did not provide further details.

The youngest beginners on 50cc dirt bikes will have automatic transmissions—twist-and-go options.

In addition, “If you pay through manual payments or make a prepayment on your automatic payments account, these fees may be charged after your payment has been fully spent.”

Google Duo, for example, is the latest app to test automatic closed captions, putting text on recorded video calls via the same artificial intelligence that powers the Google Assistant and the voice typing feature on Google Docs.

Google Duo is taking it slow by testing automatic subtitles on Android and iOS, but only for previously recorded video and audio messages.

In the same way the technical form and mechanism of production were presumed to respond to an automatic stimulus.

This automatic suitable bass device does not interfere with the normal use of the stop-keys of the pedal department by hand.

It was not purposely contrived, it was in automatic obedience to deeper impulses than she knew.

He launched into a long explanation of some scheme he had in mind for securing automatic balancing.

No sooner had his feet hit the floor, however, than he felt the cold, stern prod of the barrel of an automatic.