Automating [verb]

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In 2018, he says his automated system made about a 60% return.

Artificial intelligence enables SEOs to not only automate tasks but to derive greater insight, make smarter decisions, and deliver on consumer needs in near to real-time at scale.

The ability to learn from your process to automate key tasks can be valuable especially when there is time pressure and you need to focus on many tasks at once.

In other words, some platforms allow you to automate the value stream management processes.

The move marks the first time Channel 4 has automated the process of selling and buying ads in its All 4 streaming service on any device, including connected TVs.

According to the DeepMind team, it takes years of manual research to write the rules guiding algorithmic actions—which is why automating the process is so alluring.

Therefore, it is important to automate in local SEOs, how people make their requests, and how people ask questions when using smartphones.

If the issue is that your sales reps can’t keep up with the number of customers, you may need a sales funnel software to automate some of the tasks and work with bigger loads.

It’ll likely be years yet before trucking is fully automated.

Much of the process, for example, would be automated, requiring less labor and time.