Automobile [noun]

Definition of Automobile:

land vehicle; car

Synonyms of Automobile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Automobile:


Sentence/Example of Automobile:

Located roughly 30 miles south of Milwaukee and 50 miles north of Chicago, Kenosha was once home to a sprawling automobile plant run by the old American Motors Corporation.

Some analysts and outlets exclude categories such as restaurants, bars, automobile dealers and gas stations to tell a stronger growth story.

While her politics leaned far to the left, newspaper magnate Ellen Browning Scripps couldn’t resist a luxury automobile.

Before that, people in automobile manufacturing were sort of all-around mechanics and fabricators who basically had more or less complete, sort of, mental ownership of their own jobs.

There was a time when Aristide Pujol, in sole charge of an automobile, went gaily scuttering over the roads of France.

The man with the automobile, the corn-cure, and the baby grew to be legendary in the villages of Provence.

Now an automobile was a marvellous dragon for Rosemary, and she could never see too many for her pleasure.

An automobile therefore has the same rights and no more than those of a footman.

One who uses another's automobile without consent or knowledge of the owner, may be liable to pay a reasonable hire therefor.

But she looked neat and clean, and she certainly was determined not to enter the automobile if she could help it.