Automobilists [noun]

Definition of Automobilists:

person who engineers vehicle

Synonyms of Automobilists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Automobilists:

Sentence/Example of Automobilists:

An automobilist must exercise reasonable or ordinary care to avoid injury to other persons using the highway.

The automobilist in Italy should make three vows before crossing the frontier.

Hotel expenses are double what they are in France for the same sort of accommodation—for the automobilist at any rate.

The automobilist who demands garage accommodation as well will not always find it in the big city hotel in Italy.

Here are great wide park-like thoroughfares flagged with flat smooth stones which are a dream to the automobilist.

The automobilist will have all he can manage in dodging the ox teams and their great trundling loads of timber.

The details are here given as being typical of what the automobilist may expect to find in the smaller Italian cities.

With this incentive no automobilist north or southbound should omit San Gimignano or Volterra from his itinerary.

The automobilist, to add this to his excursion out from Naples, is debarred from making the round in a day, even if he would.

No automobilist who ever rolls off its length of 262 kilometres will class it as inferior to any other Italian road of its class.