Autonomies [noun]

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The Jursans, it developed, would give up demands for autonomy and resume allegiance to the Empire.

Moreover, the greater part of the Phnician towns enjoyed, under the Seleucid, a certain autonomy favourable to their industry.

The victory of craft autonomy over the "one big union" was decisive and complete.

It is not, however, open to much doubt that the Department was not a very successful custodian of the trade autonomy principle.

In the same capacity they exercise a degree of local autonomy greater than that which is vested in the communes of France.

At that time certain rights of independency and autonomy were granted to Finland.

They wanted to preserve the Union, but along with the Union they wanted the principle of local autonomy.

Tariff autonomy was largely recovered, and new import duties were drawn up, export duties being entirely abolished.

There is a general budget for the whole of French Congo; each colony has also a separate budget and administrative autonomy.

Guinea has a considerable measure of autonomy and a separate budget.