Autonomously [adverb]

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On Monday, the Dragon docked itself autonomously with the station, while it orbited Earth at 17,500 mph, and the astronauts sat by, monitoring the spacecraft but staying off the controls.

Being able to autonomously fly for hours on end to survey forest fires or even oil pipelines, any kind of long flight ability – that really does sound like the future to me.

They’ll have to do it autonomously because communications with Earth will take years to bounce back and forth.

The software enables Tesla vehicles to autonomously navigate the vast majority of common roadway situations and complete many trips from start to finish.

The problem forced the engines to start prematurely, but the rocket’s computers detected the problem and forced the shutdown autonomously.

Despite these challenges, at a distance of 320 million kilometers on Tuesday, NASA engineers and scientists programmed a spacecraft to autonomously touch down within a single meter of its target area.

Because signals from Earth took 18½ minutes to reach Bennu, the spacecraft performed the sampling sequence autonomously.

The collection site is hazardous, and NASA engineers will be issuing instructions to the spacecraft from Earth, which it will carry out autonomously.