Autopilot [noun]

Definition of Autopilot:

automatic steering system

Synonyms of Autopilot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Autopilot:


Sentence/Example of Autopilot:

The autopilot functioned perfectly, however, and Logan trusted it to the point of insouciance.

Jason hauled the control wheel into a tight turn and the autopilot gentled it to a soft curve.

The autopilot could not be shut off, it rode along with the manual controls, tempering foolish piloting.

He leaped to the controls, switched off the autopilot, and broke out of orbit, going back for a return look.

The autopilot requested, and received, clearance to land at its preassigned base.

I ordered Joyce to lock his radar on target, and switch over to autopilot control.

The altimeter had fed information to the autopilot, leveling the boat off parallel to the ground.

And so they were, for all of three minutes, with the speed set at fifteen on autopilot.

Their passive-aggressive instincts are intact and on autopilot.

What is aboard each one, though, is an autopilot taken from a scooter, hooked into the drive controls.