Autumnal [adjective]

Definition of Autumnal:

relating to autumn; past maturity

Synonyms of Autumnal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Autumnal:


Sentence/Example of Autumnal:

The morning we started was one of those perfect autumnal days when it is a delight simply to live.

A gentle breeze stirred the air and the surface of the lakes lay shimmering in the soft autumnal light.

Three varieties are associated with malarial fever in man—the tertian, quartan, and estivo-autumnal malarial parasites.

In estivo-autumnal malaria the gametes take distinctive ovoid and crescentic forms, and are not difficult to recognize.

In estivo-autumnal fever the regular grouping, while usually present at first, is soon lost, thus causing "irregular malaria."

In estivo-autumnal fever usually only the small "ring bodies" and the crescentic and ovoid gametes are seen in the blood.

Nowhere was “the gorgeous and melancholy beauty of the sunlit autumnal landscape more bounteously displayed.”

The pang was present again, but how much more sober and autumnal—like your volume.

Let me come here, if we live, next Christmas season or at the early spring or autumnal gathering.

When the vernal or autumnal storms delay to break, they are gathering strength; hoarding up their fury for more sure destruction.