Availability [noun]

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“The only thing that has changed is that the Postal Service has increased its communications with states,” said the lawyer, whose name was not immediately available.

Stein said that, at a recent industry conference, he saw a presentation by Bright Eyes that estimated that there are over 3,500 CBD products available for purchase.

If online tracking isn’t available, you can call your local election office to ask about the status of your ballot.

Congress needs to pass the Equality Act as soon as possible to ensure that all LGBTQ Americans have the strongest available protections against unequal treatment where we work, live, go to school and interact with others in the public sphere.

HHS said that the number available in March 2020 was essentially the same number as of January 2017, when President Barack Obama left office.

Here’s hoping that a trustworthy vaccine becomes widely available in the coming months or that more people find ways to self-isolate if they become ill.

The collectable had only 2,000 units available, but Fitzgibbons said 28,000 attempted to purchase the item during the episode —the scale sold out within six seconds.

The availability of Life Magazine and the need to pay for a lawyer.

Note that because of font availability, thorn with stroke is shown as separate characters,  or with combining -.

What they lack is certain other qualities more vital in the formation of a judgment as to their availability.