Avalanche [noun]

Definition of Avalanche:

falling large mass; sudden rush of large quantity

Synonyms of Avalanche:

Opposite/Antonyms of Avalanche:


Sentence/Example of Avalanche:

Now I take 45 minutes for coffee and a little breakfast, check the avalanche report, and I’m out the door.

No one wants to be caught under a snack or linen avalanche every time they open their pantry.

These days, when something important or “newsy” happens, there’s an avalanche of content online that overwhelms people and leaves them less certain of what’s happening than before.

After the Thomas Fire burned across hills around the town, rain led to a kind of muddy avalanche so powerful it carried entire boulders.

After staff and guests are cut off from all access to the outside world by a devastating avalanche, resentments are laid bare as the corporate food chain unravels and office politics take a deadly turn.

However that may be, they were overtaken by an avalanche, the mother was buried beneath it, and the child saw her no more.

When we cut out the foundation—they're afraid that the vibration will loosen the rest and start an avalanche.

Sheppy was coming around the corner of the granary in his most sedate manner, when the pop-eyed avalanche almost stepped on him.

One man of our acquaintance was caught by a descending avalanche and swept down the hill by the moving mass.

At one particular place an enormous avalanche is an annual event, owing to the peculiar configuration of the gorges.