Avaricious [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Avaricious:

Though good and worthy in his way, the old man was avaricious, and possessed an enormous amount of family pride.

Strictly reared by a mother gentle and devout, and by a father hard and avaricious.

He had the reputation of being an avaricious man; but she was beginning to think he was probably poorer than people knew.

Why do so many persons, who are neither ambitious nor avaricious, toil with such untiring ardour?

I knocked open the boxes and spread the goods, and then they acted avaricious, particularly the old man with the chicken bones.

In the last place, he refutes the system of the avaricious, who constitute riches the supreme good.

Her husband was an avaricious fellow who thought he could hold us up for whatever he might demand.

"Never mind the profits, you avaricious Jew," replied Lawless.

The shell-fishes that bite them are their avaricious hearts.

He received no property with his bride, and his avaricious father refused to advance him any money for necessary expenses.