Avariciousness [noun]

Definition of Avariciousness:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Avariciousness:

Sentence/Example of Avariciousness:

He may take His departure, and we may receive in our hearts the spirit of avariciousness and selfishness.

The general theory about him was that advancing years had developed his natural closeness into the stingiest avariciousness.

His avariciousness, except in certain things, passed all belief.

The prize was one likely to excite the envy of those disposed to avariciousness.

He has done much from motives of avarice; he will now be aware of the destructive effect of all avariciousness.

He was money-mad–his avariciousness had been already well displayed.

The elder daughter is killed by a cobra-bite because of her avariciousness.

The avariciousness of the household yielded to the demands of religion.