Avatars [noun]

Definition of Avatars:

representation, manifestation

Opposite/Antonyms of Avatars:

Sentence/Example of Avatars:

Shy students can take the form of learning avatars in online laboratories — or explore career paths first-hand, through virtual reality.

Add in its long moveable robotic arm and its passenger—the whirring meter-wide solar- powered Ingenuity—and this machine has a presence at the extreme end of the exploration avatars we have placed on other worlds in our solar system.

Individuals that have claimed their people card can add details such as a personal description, their occupation, employer, location, profile avatar, phone number, website and social media accounts.

Critically, a performer must embody the character and its brand, which means bottling the culture of a city and exhibiting it as an oft-dopey avatar in a poorly ventilated suit.

Legend will not be appearing in person but as an avatar via the social VR platform Wave.

The former believe that the last avatar of Vishnu took place beneath its shade.

He is a myth, and what is more he is a solar myth—an avatar, or at least a representative of Odin in his solar capacity.

Christna-Avatar, the son of the virgin Devanaguy, one formed by God; 9.

But some day it will reassert itself, for it is stronger than we, alike our overlord and avatar.

I sit in this tiny hotel by the sea and reflect that it is over three years since I awoke from death and assumed a new avatar.