Avenger [noun]

Definition of Avenger:

someone taking vengeance

Synonyms of Avenger:

Opposite/Antonyms of Avenger:


Sentence/Example of Avenger:

They deceive themselves; we trust in God, who is the avenger of injustice; He will give us courage, and wisdom.

I am simply his friend, Alvarez Lazaro—his friend and his avenger!

There is no telling what the next move of this maniacal avenger will be.

A temple to Mars the avenger, if I had but a front of Illyrian horse!

And who is the swift "avenger of blood" who is following close as a sleuth-hound on thy track?

From her lips I learned for the first time that she, the sweetest and most timid of her sex, had dared to become her own avenger.

Recalling the scare which the crocodiles had given them, they looked upon him in the light of an ally and avenger.

Immovable, impenetrable, but for her beauty she might have been an image of Nisroch the avenger, god of retribution and of fate.

The divine protection afforded by the sanctuary obviously offers but a temporary refuge from the avenger.

M. de Talleyrand keeps her very well in hand, and is becoming the avenger of all her acquaintance.