Avenging [verb]

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At that moment the crime and inefficacy of bloodshed, in avenging injuries like his, or any injuries, struck upon his soul.

The very soil in which it grew must be burned out with the flame of avenging justice.

Audacious manDefies the threats of the avenging sea,And to new shores and to new stars repeatsThe same sad tale of infamy and woe.

Although no Briton was seen to injure a woman or child in the streets or houses of Delhi, the avenging army spared no man.

Sterile, dissipated and prodigal, she made her husband very unhappy, thus avenging the first Mme. Brunner.

She sank her spurs into her horse and bending low over his neck was away like an arrow, but no avenging bullet followed her.

In all the movement, I know of no one capable of propaganda by deed, or of an avenging act, except the Twin.

It was, of course, Boyson's astonishing appeal to her that had let loose the Avenging Goddesses.

Francesca does not mind this, however, as she is at present avenging fresh insults to her own beloved country.

It is good to hear that an avenging army descended on Cawnpore, though too late to save the remnant of the captives.