Avenues [noun]

Definition of Avenues:

street; path

Synonyms of Avenues:

Opposite/Antonyms of Avenues:

Sentence/Example of Avenues:

This apparition made its appearance in the dark evenings in the churchyard, and in several avenues about the place.

Not only is the garden full of such magnificent specimens, but there are beautiful avenues of them round the town.

One saw its offspring in the troops of thin white souls that hurry, like ghosts, down the avenues of Life.

She plunged back along one of the converging avenues, yielding to the fascination of green alleys leading one knows not whither.

The blank maze of tree trunks began to unravel into moss-strewn avenues.

The Roman camp was laid out like a small city, with regular streets and avenues.

Trance and ecstasy were the two avenues he knew to divinity; fasting and seclusion the means employed to discover them.

No smoke came from the slanting chimneys; no avenues were shoveled to the doorways; the drifts were unbroken.

Similar arguments are frequently urged against the desire to raise the standard and widen the avenues of the "higher education."

Then they resolved to take possession of the avenues to the swamp and starve the Indians into surrender.