Aver [verb]

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Griffin avers that the opposite proved to be the case — that because Folger is a center of imaginative investigation, her productions found a receptive audience inside the institution as well as among Washington-area theatergoers.

Those who have heard them on the stump aver that they never heard better speakers.

They aver that "the good spirit" Moora-Moora made a number of small black lizards, liked them, and promised them dominion.

Men would say I spoke from spite, and perhaps some even might aver that I was myself the cause of my daughter's ruin.

The aver-penny, or average-penny, was contributed towards the king's averages, or money given to be freed thereof.

The rustic aid-de-camps of the household used to aver that all fertilizing matters "leached" through it.

And I aver that, to this day, I have done no official act in mere deference to my abstract feeling and judgment on slavery.

We do not aver that Mrs. Lewes has actually encountered the characters so vividly portrayed by her.

These reasoners, however, aver, that the landlord is only to be tempted by the unrestricted fee.

For myself, I can aver that I scarcely ate or slept during the ten days that these events were happening.