Averaging [verb]

Definition of Averaging:

obtain numerical mean

Synonyms of Averaging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Averaging:


Sentence/Example of Averaging:

That first report enumerates twelve pumping-engines, probably all of them Watt engines, averaging a duty of seventeen millions.

Our journey to Assouan occupied eleven days, a leisurely progress averaging about two and a-half miles an hour.

Wages are terribly low, even a foreman in an engineering shop getting only a milrei a day, averaging 3s.

The loggerhead lays three sets of eggs, each averaging one hundred and seventy.

The men were very short, averaging little more than five feet, with low foreheads and hideously repulsive features.

Well, in all there were sixty-eight black snakes, averaging about four feet six inches in length.

All the food I had was eleven sticks of dirty, sandy, smoked horse, averaging about an ounce and a half each.

Our troubles had already begun; the wind averaging sixty miles an hour all day with a temperature at noon of -14 degrees F.

Without them the raft made way averaging a league to the hour, and with this all were contented.

The wekas or Maori hens are small, flightless birds, averaging when full grown about two and three-quarter pounds.