Averred [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Averred:

"Bassett had fought gamely," the Republican organ averred, to make more glorious the Honorable Isaac's victory.

The human body, he averred, was governed by a number of demons, whom he distributed over a rhomboidal figure.

“Your Majesty has all the other attributes of angelhood,” she averred.

A holiday spoiled was no holiday at all, Palmer Billy averred.

The man was mad, his Highness averred, and it was but merciful to send him back to Italy.

He looked so calm that many people averred that they had never seen a young clergyman more at home in the pulpit.

Some of the old legal writers averred, that a woman might serve in almost any of the great offices of the kingdom.

He averred that he had "the divine commission Progress of Taiping rebellion to possess the Empire as its true sovereign."

Rhys urged him to go home and let him finish his dance, in which he averred he had not been engaged more than five minutes.

In order to make a little more profit on his feeding contract, averred our prisoners.