Avers [verb]

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Most people would have termed this poetic rapture passing into lucidity, but our friend avers that it is the Enemy.

I heard them both speak,' avers Mrs. Pratt, by way of settling the matter.

Crinagoras avers that even in life the initiate live secure, and in death are the happier.

In a few months she resolved to become a nun,--out of servile fear rather than love, as she avers.

Peresilis, who wrote in the tenth century, avers that he grew up out of the ground where a priest had spilled holy water.

Germaine Schnitzer avers that she keeps at a difficult passage until she really knows it perfectly, no matter how long it takes.

He had a warning that they would use the pamphlet against him, and he avers that “some devised how to have me cast into prison.”

Young clergymen fall an easy prey to designing widows, he avers.

The Articles of Faith are confessedly but an incomplete summary of doctrine, as the ninth of the series avers.

Latter-day revelation avers even more explicitly the fact of numerous and graded states provided for the souls of men.