Aversenesses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Aversenesses:

This from the young gentleman whose averseness to underhand ways is extolled so cordially by Lady Shelley!

It is the principal part of this art, to keep off loathing and averseness, and to keep up readiness and delight.

This averseness to labour is sinful, when it is a voluntary backwardness to that labour which is our duty.

Drown not your hearts in worldly business or delights; for these breed a loathing, and averseness, and weariness of holy things.

Now, whence proceeds such an invincible averseness to that opinion in so many men of sense?

I asked irrelevantly, moved by I know not what spirit of averseness.

They are united with the most decided preference for certain opinions and the most earnest averseness to others.

Dissension tends to cool your love; oft falling out doth tend to leave a habit of distaste and averseness on the mind.

Such as only lose their affections to good; their complacency and desire; and lose their averseness and zeal against sin.

I thought it became my averseness to this meeting, to name a distant day: but I did not expect they would have complied with it.