Averting [verb]

Definition of Averting:

thwart; avoid by turning away

Synonyms of Averting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Averting:






Sentence/Example of Averting:

If, however, 50 high-income countries around the globe hogged the first 2 billion doses, only 33 percent of deaths would be averted.

This means that if you donate $100, you can avert around 857 metric tons of CO2.

That degree of preparation is meant to speed the delivery of vaccines and avert more deaths.

The two have now stepped back from the brink, averting a showdown, but they are likely preparing for another round.

A new study argues that nations can help avert the biodiversity and climate crises by preserving the roughly 50 percent of land that remains relatively undeveloped.

They add to the more than 3,000 this month that have prompted the South Korean government to consider imposing the highest level of physical distancing rules — a blow to an economy that’s managed to avert a steep recession so far.

He and he alone, they imagined, could avert that dismemberment of which they could not bear to think.

Every rail and post was utilized for hitching, and Town-marshal Pease, his star displayed, patrolled the town to avert disorder.

Startled and wondering, David dared not long avert his eyes from the opposite bank.

Besides, he wanted them to warn the Apaches out of the neighborhood and thus avert from his head the vengeance of Manga Colorada.