Aviaries [noun]

Definition of Aviaries:

bird sanctuary

Synonyms of Aviaries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aviaries:


Sentence/Example of Aviaries:

This one I brought home and kept in my aviary till March, 1868, when it was killed by a Hawk striking it through the wires.

The barracks stirred and muttered, like a vast aviary waking.

An aviary hard by was filled with singing-birds, which warbled the praises of the Creator.

This was the power that peopled the aviary of Goorelka, and had well-nigh conquered all the resistance of my craft.

York House was famous for its aviary, on which Bacon had expended 300.

We directed our steps towards the back of the Castle, passing by the aviary, which had fallen into decay like its surroundings.

Any arrangement which would permit the escape into the aviary of smoke or noxious fumes is to be strongly condemned.

About eight o'clock, a man came to feed the birds, and seeing the Prince in the aviary, he put him out instantly.

And that reminds me of an amusing experience, as we came around to where the aviary stands.

However, it was agreed that they were harmless fowl and that Galusha himself was a good old scout, in spite of his aviary.