Aviator [noun]

Definition of Aviator:

person who flies aircraft

Synonyms of Aviator:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aviator:


Sentence/Example of Aviator:

It was a good half hour later when the young aviator had been revived.

The aviator, understanding without being warned, had turned the plane.

There they waited for three days at the place of rendezvous appointed by John Willie, the Bosnian aviator.

This suited Fulton and Stone, for it would bring them to the period named by the Bosnian aviator.

In order to arise or descend, the aviator made use of the spark lever, thus varying the number of turns of the propeller.

How the aviator escaped will always remain a complete mystery.

But the invader on this occasion turned out to be a British aviator from one of the camps who was bringing a message to London.

All the Camerons, you see, knew perfectly well what happens to an aviator whose machine catches fire.

He thought of the young aviator down in the valley who said he had found a wonderful new fuel for his airplane motor.

He did want one more word with the aviator down in the valley so he had decided to have a try at reaching him in his car.