Avidities [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Avidities:

She was like one standing denied in the Street of Abundance; she had an avidity of the eye for even love's reflection.

This resembled the old bilge-water of a ship for foulness, but both men and oxen drank of it with avidity.

Their eyes fixed, their mouths agape, their hands clasped, they listened with increasing avidity to the Gascon adventurer.

As they were adapted to the capacity of all classes of persons, they were eagerly sought after, and read with avidity.

According to M. C. Courrire, it was seized upon with avidity and produced a profound sensation.

With the higher classes the work was read with avidity and pleasure.

De Lincy bowed ceremoniously, and, glancing again at the ring, examined it with avidity.

I think his knowledge of books as things led him the sooner to desire them as realities, for to read he learned with avidity.

They323 regarded them with feelings similar to those that stirred Swartboy—for both dogs and Bushmen eat the insects with avidity!

“Better now,” he said, drinking with avidity; and then sitting up quite calm and connected.