Avocations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Avocations:

He realized that, for the first time in his life, he had taken up a sound and serious avocation.

The incongruity of Finucane's avocation, and his manners and appearance, amused his new friend Pen.

Also, Jim discovered that Tuck was an old Yale man and that his avocation in life seemed to be tennis.

The salutary influence which good example propagates, we find stamped on every avocation in life.

He finally made a home at Teddington, in Middlesex, and devoted himself to the avocation of fruit-growing.

To a Cambridge friend of mine, who met him in Broadway, he expressed great satisfaction with his new avocation.

While in this part of the peninsula I followed my usual avocation, although with little success, it then being winter.

These waters are infested with pirates, who ostensibly pursue the avocation of fishermen, until an opportunity opens to catch men.

There is not a single passage to show us that he continued his avocation as a preacher.

Each had filled the proudest place in the chosen avocation of his life.