Avoidable [adjective]

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And in every case a conversion leaves a sore behind it which, I venture to think, is avoidable.

She had kept the growing instincts at bay, being determined that nothing avoidable should come between her and her purpose.

Never stake the traps down for a dry land set, but select for a drag an old limb or root; not one fresh cut if avoidable.

But other causes of death begin to act only after birth, and are to a greater or less extent avoidable.

To these haughty, arbitrary men, accidentally armed with authority, was attributed much that was avoidable.

If the tax were an avoidable one, it was constitutional, since submission to it implied consent.

If a man cuts himself while shaving, it is usually due to certain causes that are easily avoidable.

Unavoidable, un-a-void′a-bl, adj. not avoidable: that may not be rendered null or void: inevitable.

On Harrietts side it probably was nothing more than an innocent, perfectly feminine, and scarcely avoidable, flirtation.

The march was an avoidable piece of mismanagement; the whole regiment was being unnecessarily endangered.