Avoidances [noun]

Definition of Avoidances:

eluding; preventing

Synonyms of Avoidances:

Opposite/Antonyms of Avoidances:

Sentence/Example of Avoidances:

Their avoidance of each other arose, perhaps, from a sort of instinct which was certainly no matter of ill-will.

Now Gregson had nothing of this desire for avoidance with regard to Mr. Gray.

And why should I suspect him at all, in the face of Mrs. Saltillo's confessed avoidance of him?

Many, perhaps, will see an additional cause in teleological considerations, aiming at the avoidance of in-and-in breeding.

He sounded me, pushed out his mouth and pulled down his nose, recommended avoidance of excitement.

One cardinal principle of the greatest English finance ministers has been the avoidance of deficits or undue surpluses.

Edgar, for the first time, saw her avoidance without suspecting that it flowed from repugnance.

All presence of mind then forsook her; she looked around to see if she could escape, but his approach was too quick for avoidance.

For there must have been a studied avoidance of any look or gesture that would have marked the traitor.

Soap is the most efficacious of all for cleanliness, health, and the avoidance of disease.