Avoided [verb]

Definition of Avoided:

refrain or stay away from; prevent

Opposite/Antonyms of Avoided:



Take on







Sentence/Example of Avoided:

The most effective way to limit its spread in the absence of a vaccine is to avoid interacting with other people.

To avoid a catastrophic loss in revenue, colleges are bringing students back to campus.

It is imperative that we all continue to follow public health orders, avoid large gatherings, wear masks, and practice physical distancing.

To avoid that problem, election experts say you should sign your ballot the same way you did when you got your driver’s license or registered to vote.

They posted the same lines a limited number of times to avoid automated detection by the technology companies, these people said.

They know every inch of their tunnels like the back of their giant, clawed forepaws, and they avoid areas that have been disturbed.

This was precisely the land that my utility, Pacific Gas & Electric, had three times identified as such an imperiled tinderbox that it had to shut off power to avoid fire.

The result was a story we published on May 27 by Caroline Chen that looked back at how we got here and forward to how we might avoid reaching another grim milestone.

I didn’t want to upset anyone, so I avoided difficult topics.

It’s easy to misremember last year’s blazes, or, like so many point-source environmental disasters, to avoid thinking about it until it’s once again in your face.