Avoiding [verb]

Definition of Avoiding:

refrain or stay away from; prevent

Opposite/Antonyms of Avoiding:



Take on







Sentence/Example of Avoiding:

Many of those who are not on pay escape to India and other regions, without any possibility of avoiding it.

In a dream he crossed the crowded hall, avoiding various acquaintances with unconscious cunning.

Madame Ratignolle had dragged herself over, avoiding the too public thoroughfares, she said.

She had won a long and hard-fought battle; but in avoiding one master she had abandoned herself to another.

The avoiding of sharp stones and boulders at last became almost mechanical.

While he was avoiding the fissures, and carefully picking his way around the curve, a savage growl broke suddenly on his ears.

And the surgeon looked at him; but there rose up in his remembrance how he had been avoiding betrayal for years.

No man could look upon him and accuse him of being afraid of Abner or of avoiding the issue.

Avoiding the road, the half-breed made his way to a gulch near the ranch, where he tied his horse.

I slipped away quietly, before the chapel bell had begun to ring, avoiding all 21 tender good-byes.