Avouched [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Avouched:

How many young women in Boston can avouch for the truth of this statement?

Upon which principle I also avouch all Mr. T.'s charges, as I hear them and consent to their publication.

"'And which shall find its way thither, if thou dost not avouch a fable," replied the king.

Taken together, they avouch a personality that needs only opportunity to insure itself lasting fame.

I say that it was the act of a rebel, and will avouch my words against you, though the whole colony were at your back.

That the proverb is by no means of general application, the experience of every one can avouch.

One of the most sensible and practical of all proverbs, as every body's experience can avouch.

Who would not avouch the honesty of John L. Stephens after reading his travels?

"There can be no better rede, and we will all avouch it," said the citizens.

The first words he uttered were, "Bear me where ye will, I will avouch the deed!"