Avowed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Avowed:

Why should they not jointly come under explicitly avowed obligations to God?

Montague was taken completely by surprise, but manfully avowed the whole truth, and defended what he had done.

Perhaps also greater liberty of thought and speech caused irreligion to take a more avowed and visible form.

It was no light trouble to him that on their return to London she avowed herself a Romanist.

I had always felt attached to this divine production, even when I had not believed myself one of its avowed followers.

After his death, it is said to have unmasked altogether, and Adriano Lemmi himself is depicted as an avowed Satanist.

Among them were the avowed publisher of the North Briton, the printer, and his workmen.

This was raising a false issue, and an avowed imputation and contempt of the King.

“Thanks, maiden, you are kind and considerate to an avowed poacher,” replied Edward.

This was avowed by the great commoner, Pitt himself, the special friend of America.