Avowedly [adjective]

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The sagacious Vane—the brave and skilful Harrison—were men who acted avowedly under the influence of such.

The stories of which this volume is made up are avowedly fiction.

He was avowedly on a crusade to re-establish the supremacy of the Roman Catholic religion throughout France.

There can be no doubt, however, that this worship remained even avowedly to a very much more recent period in Brittany.

The complete plan of federation for the British empire, outlined by Adam Smith, is avowedly actuated by financial considerations.

In the post-Maimonidean age all philosophical thinking is in the nature of a commentary on Maimonides whether avowedly or not.

It has been assumed, tacitly and avowedly, directly and indirectly, that the ultimate object of all Poetry is Truth.

The party in power were avowedly expansionist; their retort was equally dialectic and vapid.

On the contrary, they are not only avowedly philanthropic in aim, but are carried on solely in the cause of health.

Avowedly wilful of temper, he had since his return from Syria become even more silent, more self-centred than before.