Avows [verb]

Definition of Avows:

state; profess

Synonyms of Avows:

Opposite/Antonyms of Avows:

Sentence/Example of Avows:

If I am returned, my main object, I avow it frankly, will be to make them the standing order.

General Stanhope then repeated to him, all that the impassioned resentment of Ripperda had excited him to avow.

The millions in the world who conscientiously disclaim the supremacy of the Pope, at least openly avow it.

The young scholar always allows himself a number of libertine sonnets, and we avow it is particularly disagreeable to us.

He would candidly avow, however, that he despaired of seeing the question brought to a speedy and satisfactory settlement.

On the contrary, I avow that that has caused the greatest possible accession to the ranks of the free traders.

My essay, I candidly avow, would tend to prove that no essay ought to be written on the subject.

They never hesitate to avow their own convictions and predilections.

They often submit to be killed rather than avow where their money is concealed.

I only desire that I may be stayed not one hour from all the extremity that either law or precedent can avow.