Awaited [verb]

Definition of Awaited:

wait with expectation

Synonyms of Awaited:

Opposite/Antonyms of Awaited:


Sentence/Example of Awaited:

While awaiting the delayed start of the 2020-21 season, which is expected to come sometime in early January, Richard Panik has spent part of his free time skateboarding with his family in Slovakia.

Its seniors typically aren’t going to the NFL and military service awaits, so senior day is a very big deal.

These results are promising, and are coming at a time when the world is anxiously awaiting positive news.

As the country anxiously awaited the final presidential election results for days on end, one Kentucky town was resting easy after the victor of its own heated election was declared on Election Day.

As you await those results, you can still be an effective parent.

While the nation anxiously awaits the final election outcome, the pandemic rages on.

Some of them, safe again in the nation’s capital, were perhaps slightly less ignorant about the magnitude of the war that awaited them.

Astra and the University of Oxford are keeping the vaccine in a frozen bulk state to preserve its shelf life while they await final test results.

The group said it expects online sales to dip by as much as $300 million on Wednesday while the country awaited election results.

Two Democrats and four Republicans were elected Tuesday, while others await the results of races still to be determined.