Awaits [verb]

Definition of Awaits:

wait with expectation

Synonyms of Awaits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Awaits:


Sentence/Example of Awaits:

To the lapel of his coat they had pinned a paper on which was written, "The fate that awaits all Kansas Jayhawkers."

Nay, even eternal ruin awaits the impenitent violator of Covenant engagements.

Your school years are ended, and a life of quiet, amid scenes of aboriginal romance, awaits you here.

He has not courage to proceed; he is mute with grief; he awaits the dreadful recital, and the audience awaits it also.

The visit you pay only interrupts a domestic quarrel which awaits but your departure to break out afresh.

The special train to Dover will be ready in half an hour; the special steamer awaits its arrival.

I know not, dear fellow; yet I feel as if some angel had said to me, 'Richard Longsword, some great joy to-day awaits!'

He loves no creature now but you and Susannah; therefore run no more risks for gold, since much gold awaits you without risk.

You are to dine with me on Monday, remember; the salt beef awaits your pleasure.

Probably a busy future awaits the development of this state.