Awake [adjective]

Definition of Awake:

conscious; alert

Synonyms of Awake:

Opposite/Antonyms of Awake:

Sentence/Example of Awake:

She would go home and tell her now-husband about it and lay awake at night thinking about it.

To be woke is, in theory, to be awake to issues of social and racial justice.

Johnson was asleep when she came in, but the physician awoke her easily.

While it’s unknown what kind of response Lukashenko expected when Belarus awoke to the news, the election results beggared belief to such an extreme that the country exploded.

Whenever that rat tried to rest, the scientists spun the table, nudging both rats awake and sometimes pushing them into the water.

In fact, she notes, the brain is even more active when you’re asleep than when you’re awake.

The Café tender was asleep in his chair; the porter had gone off; the sentinel alone kept awake on his post.

Finding him awake, he sat by his side and, with the earnestness of a nursery-maid, patted him off to slumber.

Or rather I suppose I was only half awake; but you seemed to open that door so easily that it quite startled me.

She slept lightly at first, half awake and drowsily attentive to the things about her.